WMEP Manufacturing Solutions offers a full suite of services to assistance manufacturers with strategy formulation and execution, market development, and marketing/sales execution. 

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Strategy Formulation & Execution

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Why should I consider WMEP for these services?

  • WMEP has the real world, in-depth expertise to help you identify and explore new markets, products, and applications of existing technology.
  • WMEP can integrate strategic plans or marketing plans into your operational plans.
  • ExporTech™ is the only program providing global growth strategy development to Wisconsin manufacturers at the C-level.

Don’t take our word for it: Case Studies, and Testimonials

“J&R contracted with WMEP , to provide a PRA (Profit Risk Assessment) the information delivered has helped us with our sustainability efforts. We have a much clear path for the future due to this exercise.  We also completed a best practice Internal Scorecard that is used in our Monday morning meetings. The forward looking metrics allows our team to be  more proactive in operational decisions.  Two great improvement projects with the help of WMEP. Great Job !”

Tim Tumanic, President
J&R Machine (MOTY 2019)

“WMEP’s PRA™- Profit Risk Assessment is the best bang for the buck to bring to the forefront the issues that impact the profit and value of my firm. The assessment and discussion were well structured, concise and very professional and the objectives and takeaways well defined. The PRA report and recommendations were presented in an easy to understand, concise visual format.
It was a definite asset to my organization to go through this exercise!”

Ron Roehl, President
CNC Solutions


“The Profit Risk Assessment (PRA™) was an easy to use, effective tool that allowed our leadership team to evaluate key business risks.  Our team was able to quickly identify priority recommendations and opportunities for the coming year.”

Wendy Dykstra
Alsum Farms & Produce


“The WMEP PRA tool gave us a comprehensive big picture of existing risks for our business. We were able to identify and assess risk areas around multiple dimensions including customers, markets, products, productivity, strategy, scalability and financials. The tool facilitated discussions and provided management the ability to take strategic actions to mitigate risks to profitability and growth of our company.”

Aksel Sidem, President
S3 International

“If there is a more relevant and useful program for export development than Exportech™ I don’t know what it would be.  Thanks to what we learned in ExporTech™ and the meetings set up for us, we had a very successful UK trip.  Our products became available for sale on Amazon.co.uk just before the Homebuilders show we exhibited at in London.  We now know how to do international credit sales safely and we are even thinking about warehousing products in the UK.

This is just the beginning.  What can we say but thanks.”

Marsha Caporaso, President

“The [PRA®] service provided was a foundation activity and truly an investment in our future. The results led us to additional services that will greatly impact the profitability of our organization [in the upcoming year]. It also gave our senior team a chance to view our business from various perspectives thus allowing all of our senior team to get on the same page.

Dave Hauser, COO
SKANA Aluminum Company

“Thank you for introducing and guiding us through WMEP,s PRA® (Profit Risk Assessment) approach!  Our team found the PRA® simple yet effective. We are excited to have this “tool” to share results with all our stakeholders.”

Tom Testwuide
SKANA Aluminum Company

“I think our whole experience has been fantastic and I can’t think of a way it could be improved as I feel the design and execution of your services has been top notch.

Marianna DeMyer, CEO
ExporTech™ Water Council

“ExporTech™ provided very high value in developing our long term export strategy. As an early stage hybrid technology company which integrates our system with those of truck builders our product is not “drop-in” ready. The ExporTech™ process identified key strategic markets in which to focus and the Market Assessment and Partner Search provided an organized agenda for a follow-on visit to the U.K. which yielded many promising leads for potential partners. ExporTech™ helped us launch a long-term strategy to take our product to the world market. We are very satisfied with the results and process.”

John R. Petras, Director of Business Development
Odyne Systems LLC

“The strategic road map of ExportTech™ is outstanding it saves both man hours and investment research by following outlined templates. The network and resources – available from this program are a priceless value on to it’s own. Roxanne Baumann is outstanding. Her enthusiasm and knowledge can help just about anyone. Thank you!

Phil Gould, Sales Manager
E. R. Wagner Manufacturing Co. – Milwaukee

“My participation in ExportechTM helped me realize that Aurizon needed to standardize some of its products in order to successfully implement its export strategies.  …We are a good way down that path and expect these relationships for generate even more export sales growth for us in the future well beyond the $250,000 seen in the past 12 months.”

Greg Benrud, President
Aurizon Ultrasonic, LLC

“The ExporTech™ program was very valuable. Roxanne Baumann and her team are experts in helping companies like ours build a solid export program. We are in the early stages of executing the export plan that we developed and expect to see big returns in future years!”

Thomas Atkinson, Chief Financial Officer
First Choice Ingredients

“The Profit Risk Assessment (PRA™) was an easy to use, effective tool that allowed our leadership team to evaluate key business risks.  Our team was able to quickly identify priority recommendations and opportunities for the coming year.”

Wendy Dykstra
Alsum Farms & Produce

Get to know Eric Decker, Business Development Leader

“The organization’s mission to help improve and strengthen Wisconsin’s manufacturers aligns very closely with my own. I’ve known the WMEP and its staff through my various roles over the years and have always had a lot of respect for the organization.”

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Get to know Marie Mansheim, Senior Consultant

Click here to learn more about Marie Mansheim through her LinkedIn profile.

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Get to know George Bureau, Vice President – Consulting Services

“What drew me to the WMEP is its excellent reputation, the opportunity to work with great people and most importantly the vision and commitment to make a real difference in growing Wisconsin manufacturing through a range of consulting services,” – George Bureau





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Get to know Roxanne Baumann, Director of Global Engagement

“My passion is coaching and mentoring Wisconsin’s manufacturers so they can achieve competitive parity in all the Next Generation Manufacturing attributes to arrive strong and viable in 2015 and beyond. Making Wisconsin the best economy for manufacturing energizes me every day. Working strongly with Wisconsin SME’s on strategies to improve systems, win business, increase profitability, and realize solid ROI; is so rewarding and challenges my personal best daily. I want my career legacy to be someone who clearly ignited action and growth in our states manufacturers to embrace exporting and global engagement and enjoy the profits from doubling their exports in the next 5 years.”


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