2020 was challenging for many. 2021 presents it’s own challenges.

Manufacturers are positioning themselves to the make the most of the coming recovery.

From our manufacturer pulse surveys and hundreds of conversations with manufacturers, we believe we understand the current challenges and are well positioned to help. Below are five of the top challenges facing manufacturers today.


1. Improving Cash Flow

A real challenge for many companies is keeping the organizing going with declining revenues.

  • Discover2Recover – Increasing Cash Flow – Under the CARES Act, WMEP Manufacturing Solutions has been awarded a grant to help small and mid-size manufacturers analyze their current situation and take advantage of proprietary financial and business tools and expertise available under this program. We have assembled a team of the areas brightest financial and business growth minds; they are available to you for a deep-dive assessment and discussion about how you can take your business to the next level.

2. Growing Sales

Many existing customers are delaying, reducing or cancelling purchases, which leads many companies to recognize the need to diversify and find new markets. WMEP offers several solutions to help with this including:

3. Prioritizing Activities to Protect Profits

Understanding and managing the drivers of profitability is even more important during challenging times.

  • PRA®: WMEP’s Profit Risk Assessment (PRA®) focuses attention on the factors that drive profitability and value in your organization, and identification of specific actions you can take to improve your organizations profitability and overall value.

4. Reducing Risks

COVID-19 and the related Economic Crisis presents new risks for organization and amplifies existing risks. WMEP has partnered with T&M to put together solutions that are designed to reduce and manage risks associated with COVID-19.

Workforce retention and engagement is another key organization risk, and front-line leader skills are crucial to both.

5. Getting Cost Out of Your Business

When revenue is down, managing costs becomes more important.  Reducing waste and improving productivity becomes essential.
WMEP offers a full suite of services that achieve both including:

WMEP Manufacturing Solutions exists to help manufacturers succeed.
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