May 21, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Tammy Schwarzbauer

Slash Lead Times to Hit the Ground Running with Increased Sales and Profitability –  Webinar

As we restart the economy, many supply chains will need to be refilled quickly. Slashing your lead times will allow you to respond quickly to get your business back on its feet. Long lead times meant that we have held the wrong inventory in the wrong places, we have crowded aisles, filled racks, and piles of work in process. Customers wonder where their orders are and complain how long it takes.

Customers want your products yesterday and in smaller quantities. Waste in your processes, whether its long setups, overproducing, large batches, scrap & rework, make lead times much longer than needed. Reducing these wastes reduces costs and increases profitability. Shortening lead times increases quality, productivity, capacity, and sales. Using lead time as your key measure, you will be focusing your improvement efforts like a rifle shot rather than a shotgun approach.

This session will demonstrate how you can shorten order-to-ship time using the lean tools you know, to achieve dramatic reductions in lead time. This 1 ½ hour session will demonstrate how some manufacturers have used time as a single measure of throughput and the reduction of lead-time from order-to-ship to drive increased sales.

This session will be presented by Jerry Thiltgen, WMEP Leader of Operational Excellence Services, and Andrew Porter, WMEP Sr. Consultant.

The cost to participate is $39 per person.