Is Discover2Recover – Increasing Cash Flow right for you?

If you answer “YES” to one or more questions below, you should strongly consider this service:

The recent WMEP Manufacturers Pulse Survey showed that a significant percentage of Wisconsin manufacturers are concerned about cash generation and falling cash reserves.

  • Can you benefit from an objective, external assessment of your cash generation engine of your business?
  • Have your cash reserves fallen to or are trending to an unacceptable level?
  • Compared with a year ago, is your operation falling short in generating the level of cash you require?
  • Do you think there are additional actions possible to maximize cash generation by your business?
  • Are you concerned your cash reserve position will erode once your PPP runs out?

About Discover2Recover – Increasing Cash Flow

Under the CARES Act, WMEP Manufacturing Solutions has been awarded a grant to help small and mid-size manufacturers analyze their current situation and take advantage of proprietary financial and business tools and expertise available under this program. We have assembled a team of the areas brightest financial and business growth minds; they are available to you for a deep-dive assessment and discussion about how you can take your business to the next level.

WMEP in partnership with DSmithCFO has designed a confidential-secure assessment that leads to recommendations to increase cash flow, stabilize and increase cash reserves and give your company more time to address operational concerns.

The process starts with the client providing limited key financial data via a secure portal.
This data is analyzed then followed by a virtual input assessment that reviews:

  • Critical financial processes.
  • Key metrics.
  • Main financial statement accounts.

At the final report out, the assessment recommendations will provide the following deliverables:

  • A quantitative and qualitative summary of performance in various key operational and financial processes and metrics.
  • Identified gaps across key processes or metrics, and recommendations for improvement.

This service will equip you with a list of critical improvement actions to improve profitability and increase cash flow.

Why WMEP and Discover2Recover-Increasing Cash Flow?

  • This service provides an objective, external viewpoint from a highly experienced manufacturing CFO/CEO.
  • Discover2Recover – Increasing Cash Flow is a $5000 value but for a limited time there will be no fee to Wisconsin manufacturers.
  • The process is confidential, discreet and secure.

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