Industry Certifications and Standards are often the key to selling to large OEMs and in specific industries. Under key industry standards, processes are managed as a system by creating and understanding the network of processes and how they interact.

When embraced as an opportunity rather than a hurdle, industry certifications can be the catalyst that creates meaningful value for manufacturers.

Manufacturers’ certification and compliance objectives are achieved through rigorous preparation, operational and quality improvements, documentation, and audit preparations.

If your company is ISO certified and/or holds a specialized Management System Certification, WMEP can help you improve and streamline your management system.

Industry Certification services include:

Industry Certifications Services Provided by WMEP


Why are Industry Certification and Compliance programs important?

  • Regulations are placing more responsibility on manufacturers
  • Large OEMs are requiring that their suppliers be industry certified

Which Wisconsin manufacturers can benefit from these services?

  • Any manufacturer supplying large customers, such as OEMs or retailers, that are demanding industry certifications
  • Any manufacturer that is preparing for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  • Any manufacturer that is preparing for an audit
  • Any manufacturer needing to complete internal audits or that needs internal auditor training
  • See the table at the right for examples of some of the key services that WMEP provides in this area

Why should I consider WMEP for these services?

  • The WMEP has helped hundreds of Wisconsin Manufacturers achieve valuable and needed industry certifications
  • The WMEP understands how to leverage the industry certification process to achieve improved business results.
  • The WMEP can customize the industry certification process to your industry and company goals, providing a smooth and results focused approach.

WMEP can also provide Quality (ISO 9001) Internal Auditor Training.

Quality (ISO 9001) internal auditor training utilizing the blended learning format with WMEP combines the convenience of self-guided on-line learning with professional mentoring support.

Benefits of blended learning and web access:

  • A self-guided, interactive curriculum that is accessible 24/7.
  • Printable handouts for additional self-study.
  • Eight lesson exams and a final exam ensuring basic knowledge understanding.
  • Web access means no matter the distance or location, trainees have access to the materials
  • The guidance of an assigned WMEP Lead Auditor with real-world manufacturing experience ensures application and learning of the materials.


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