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Category Archives: Human Capital

Componex Uses Work Instructions to Gear Toward Greater Productivity

COMPANY PROFILE: Componex, which operates a facility in Edgerton, Wisconsin, is a division of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based Maxcess International. Componex manufactures precision, aluminum idler rollers that have extremely low rotational inertia. Its products include WINertia idlers, which feature free spinning, […]

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It’s Not “The Great Resignation.” It’s Actually “The Great Recognition.”

“> By: Matt Fieldman Some are calling it, “The Great Resignation.” Others are calling it “The Great Reshuffle.” After spending the past year as Executive Director of America Works, I’ve talked with more than 250 manufacturing workforce development professionals throughout the MEP National […]

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How to Implement a Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program

September 30, 2021  |  Human Resources, Employee Training Apprenticeships has a proven track record of producing strong results for both employers and workers. Apprenticeship programs offer access to hundreds of occupations, in high-growth and emerging industries with an average annual starting […]

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Joe Brown

Senior Consultant 608.515.4549 | [email protected] Joe Brown has 30 years of manufacturing experience with both public Original Equipment Manufacturers and private, small to midsize manufacturing companies. His wide-ranging roles have included machine operator, engineering, operations at all levels, and president of […]

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Employee Recruitment: Winning the War for Talent

Aug. 23, 2021, by Chris Czarnik, CEO of Career Research Group, Award Winning International Speaker | Author | Business Trainer | The intensifying struggles facing companies in their quest to recruit employees has been brewing for years, a mathematical certainty […]

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Update your Hiring Practices To Stay Competitive

May 18, 2021 by Paola Castaldo | Many studies have cited the skills shortage as a reason manufacturers can’t find or keep workers. While there is no denying that the traded sectors are having difficulty attracting and finding talent compared […]

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Featured WMEP Manufacturing Solutions Staff Member: Mark Hatzenbeller

Mark Hatzenbeller has navigated many twists and turns during a career in manufacturing that has spanned more than four decades. Hatzenbeller is a senior account executive at WMEP Manufacturing Solutions, where he has worked for the past 14 years. He […]

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Outsourced Management Services

WMEP Outsourced Management Services provides you with a manager or executive who is available part-time, for however long or short you need them.  The role is defined exactly as it sounds: a manager who devotes part of his/her time to […]

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Training Within Industry (TWI) Part 3: Scientific Thinking Enables Innovation and Teamwork

Posted by Rachel Miller Toyota Kata–a structured approach for creating a culture of continuous learning and improvement–had its beginnings in manufacturing. The word Toyota refers to the Japanese carmaker’s renowned production system methods and tools. A Kata is a routine practiced so its pattern becomes a […]

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Training Within Industry (TWI) Part 2: Helping Supervisors Solve Workplace People Problems

Posted by Rachel Miller The pressure on today’s workforce is considerable. COVID-19 has introduced new challenges. There are new rules about social distancing and personal protective equipment (PPE) gear. Workers may be dealing with changes to equipment and floor plan layouts […]

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