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Category Archives: Growth

Wiscon Products Gains Control of Explosive Sales Growth

By Rich Rovito A shift in the type of products it manufactured followed by a period of explosive sales growth created a series of challenges for Wiscon Products Inc. The Racine contract manufacturer, which produces complex CNC components for the […]

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When Good Strategies Go Bad: The 7 Deadly Execution Mistakes

By Marie Mansheim, Senior Consultant—Growth & Strategy Practice Leader | 06/11/21 | Much work goes into developing sound business strategies. Yet when it comes to executing those brilliant initiatives, plenty of organizations fall short. If execution is the secret behind […]

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IPQ Market Measurement

IPQ Market Measurement (Importance/Performance Quotient) is designed to create a clear roadmap to greater success. By uncovering what’s important to your customers, the right strategy can be developed to let customers and prospects know you deliver on what matters to […]

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Roxanne Baumann appointed to the U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Finance Advisory Council

Roxanne Baumann, Director of Global Engagement for WMEP Manufacturing Solutions, has been appointed to the U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Finance Advisory Council.   Baumann’s appointment is effective immediately and will run through Aug. 7, 2022.   Baumann’s experience and […]

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4 Best Practices for Better Strategic Planning

By Marie Mansheim, Senior Consultant—Growth & Strategy Practice Leader | 05/25/21 | Strategic Planning. Rarely were there two words viewed with more reluctance, dread, and disappointment. The process of strategic planning is often considered too time consuming for manufacturers, especially […]

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8 Surprising Ways a B2B Ecommerce Site Can Improve a Manufacturer’s Performance

Guest blog provided by Earthling Interactive. | Apr 17, 2021 | Ecommerce Let’s look at eight surprising ways that a B2B ecommerce site can create efficiencies that not only streamline your sales process but also transform your customers’ buying experience. But before […]

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“A Smashing Success” Heiden Inc. uses WMEP’s PRA® to find a multitude of solutions.

Heiden Inc. has forged a long-standing relationship with WMEP Manufacturing Solutions through multiple projects and services that have had wide-ranging positive effects on the Manitowoc custom manufacturer’s overall operations and performance. Heiden’s partnership with WMEP has evolved over more than […]

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Outsourced Management Services

WMEP Outsourced Management Services provides you with a manager or executive who is available part-time, for however long or short you need them.  The role is defined exactly as it sounds: a manager who devotes part of his/her time to […]

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Digital Lead Generation

Are you looking to drive qualified leads for your sales force? Are you tired of trying random marketing tactics that don’t produce results? Do you want to shorten your sales cycle? Are you looking to increase sales and see measurable […]

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Future-proof your manufacturing while supply chains are in flux

   By Mike O’Donnell  – Center for Industrial Research and Service    Sep 4, 2020 – Original article at the  Manufacturers are entrepreneurs at heart. Intense global competition requires them to iterate until their business is a finely tuned machine, then […]

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