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What is Blockchain 2.0 and Why Food Manufacturers Should Care

By: Juliana Canale Believe it or not, the technology that brought you Bitcoin is beginning to make waves in the food manufacturing industry. This technology, called blockchain, is a digital ledger maintained across several computers, then linked through a peer-to-peer network. […]

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Two Industry 4.0 Technologies Primed for the Food Manufacturing Industry

November 5, 2021 By: Matthew Inniger This is an exciting time in the food manufacturing industry. The innovations and technology associated with Industry 4.0 are making it easier for small and medium-sized manufacturers to overcome obstacles in ways that at […]

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Preventative Measures: 4 Internal Factors Threatening Your Strategy

By Marie Mansheim, Senior Consultant—Growth & Strategy Practice Leader | 11/08/2022 | There’s good reason we’re encouraged to have a checkup with our doctors every year. Potentially unhealthy conditions can go undetected and an annual physical is a helpful way […]

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Meet Eric Decker, Business Development Leader

Eric Decker is at the front line of working to make small and mid-size manufacturers in Wisconsin more efficient and competitive in an increasingly challenging marketplace. Decker is a Business Development Leader for WMEP Manufacturing Solutions, a role in which […]

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Top 5 Uses for Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace and Defense Industries

October 6, 2021  |  Aerospace and Defense, Additive Manufacturing Additive manufacturing can be used in countless industries and applications, ranging from making small-scale prototypes to producing refined rocket engines. If you’re still on the fence about incorporating additive manufacturing technologies into […]

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Right approach crucial to maximize international sales

ExporTech™ program can help Author: Dan Steininger, Milwaukee BizTimes, Reprinted from 10/11-24, 2010 Every business leader knows the number one task is to continue to grow revenues on a profitable basis. Larry Page, the cofounder of Google, famously said: “We […]

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6 Key Signs it’s Time to Change Your Strategy

By Marie Mansheim, Senior Consultant—Growth & Strategy Practice Leader | 10/01/2021 Maybe yours is a hyper-dynamic market or perhaps there’s an aggressive challenger that’s chipped away your competitive advantage. Then again, what if there’s a significant technology change poised to […]

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How to Implement a Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program

September 30, 2021  |  Human Resources, Employee Training Apprenticeships has a proven track record of producing strong results for both employers and workers. Apprenticeship programs offer access to hundreds of occupations, in high-growth and emerging industries with an average annual starting […]

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Want Growth? Move From Startup Plan to Strategic Plan

By Marie Mansheim, Senior Consultant—Growth & Strategy Practice Leader | August 25th, 2021 A well-written startup plan has its purpose. It can open doors, help secure financing, and lay the groundwork for performance. Once the doors are open, companies can […]

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Employee Recruitment: Winning the War for Talent

Aug. 23, 2021, by Chris Czarnik, CEO of Career Research Group, Award Winning International Speaker | Author | Business Trainer | The intensifying struggles facing companies in their quest to recruit employees has been brewing for years, a mathematical certainty […]

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