Wiscon Products, Inc. staff


Wiscon Products is a contract manufacturer in Racine that manufactures complex CNC components from bar stock. Its expertise is highly complex, close tolerance and difficult to manufacture CNC-machined parts for the hydraulic, aerospace, automotive and construction industries. Wiscon builds strategic partnerships by providing advanced manufacturing solutions to original equipment manufacturers worldwide. The company has been in business since 1945 and is a third-generation family-owned operation with 50 employees. It has operated at its current location since 1956.


A strategic initiative was to look for ways to continually improve Wiscon’s manufacturing processes and quality while reducing costs. One of the more complex machined components Wiscon Products manufactures is the TigerShark, an automotive component that over time evolved to include additional quality steps to ensure customer expectations were met before shipping. The project goal was to eliminate the added inspection steps and inspection locations while improving first-pass yield and reducing costs.


Through Value Stream Mapping, the team created a current state, learned to see waste and created a future state that eliminated multiple inspections steps, multiple manufacturing operations and locations, reduced inventory, improved quality performance and reduced cycle time.


  • Lead Time Improved from 8.4 days to 3 days
  • First Pass Yield improved from 89.7% to 99-plus%
  • Distance Traveled reduced from 998 feet to 270 feet
  • Process Time reduced from 287 seconds/part to 21 seconds/part
  • Work-in-Process Inventory reduced from 11,000 pcs. to 2,646 pcs.
  • Finished Goods Inventory reduced from 7,000 pcs. to 6,720 pcs.


“This project was an extreme success. The team discovered the waste in the current process and developed a future state manufacturing cell that the operations team initially didn’t understand how to implement. The operations and TigerShark product teams worked together and were able to find solutions and improve the manufacturing cell. The results in quality, production time and cell staffing were better than we originally imagined.”

Dana Christensen, Director of Administration – Wiscon Products Inc.

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