Prolitec Inc. has found the sweet smell of international success through the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s ExporTech™ program.

Milwaukee-based Prolitec applies and develops airborne technology for infection control, odor cancellation and makes use of scent for positive or emotional experiences. Its core business is the application of scent to generate an emotional response.

“We make an environment much more pleasing to both customers and associates,” said Roger Bensinger, Prolitec’s executive vice president of business development and marketing.

Prolitec became aware of ExporTech more than two years ago. Initially, management of the young but expanding company balked at the program because it required a commitment of three full days over the course of a three-month period.

assembly1“Our first reaction was to take a pass,” Bensinger said. “You’re a young, growing business and finding three full days to devote to anything is practically near impossible.”

Bensinger and the rest of Prolitec’s management team changed their minds after learning about the availability of certain subsidies to firms taking part in the program.

“The money got my attention,” Bensinger said.

ExporTech helps Wisconsin manufacturers fast-track international sales and has received rave reviews from participants since its introduction in 2010. ExporTech brings together non-competing manufacturers and a range of experts that help each manufacturer develop a custom, action-ready export plan at the end of three months. The unique three-session format allows manufacturers to share ideas with each other, talk one-on-one with experts in a range of fields and have their export plans thoroughly reviewed and vetted by a panel of experts and their peers.

assembly“ExporTech is a place where you can go and meet a variety of resources who give you a holistic view of what exporting is all about,” Bensinger said.

Prolitec is a leader in the development and deployment of innovative technologies and solutions for aerobiology and indoor air quality. Current applications include wide-area odor remediation, ambient scenting, restroom hygiene, product advertising, and aromatherapy and performance. Prolitec’s advanced air treatment systems combine state-of-the-art chemistry with proprietary computer-controlled delivery systems to provide clients flexibility in enhancing indoor air quality.

The company serves a growing number of clients and certified service providers in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and The Middle East. Clients include retail stores, hotels & resorts, casinos, health care facilities, fitness centers, spas, corporate offices and other venues where indoor air quality is an important issue.

groupWithin six months after participating in ExporTech, Prolitec’s export sales were 60 percent ahead of the company’s sales plan.

“And we already had a pretty aggressive sales plan going in,” Bensinger said.

Within a year, sales traced to exports more than doubled. Within two years, the level had quadrupled.

Involvement in ExporTech allowed Prolitec to take its business “to the next level,” Bensinger said.

“It was definitely worth our time,” he said.

Prolitec’s ExporTech Results

Prolitec’s sales results rapidly improved after completing the ExporTech program in 2010.

  • Within six months after participating in ExporTech, export sales were 60 percent ahead of the company’s already aggressive sales plan.
  • Within a year, sales exports doubled
  • Within two years, exports quadrupled

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