Manufacturing is well on its way to a renaissance. There are many trends behind the revival and many new ideas transforming the way manufacturing is being done. One of the most difficult parts of running a successful manufacturing operation is staying up to date with all that’s happening. We’re about to make that easier for you.

Experts from across the country are coming to Milwaukee. They will be joined by hundreds of Wisconsin’s manufacturing leaders. Together, they will create an atmosphere where new ideas and new connections can flourish. That’s right. Manufacturing Matters! is back!

There are major opportunities in manufacturing – especially in Wisconsin! The U.S. economy is growing, with manufacturing driving much of that growth. Manufacturing forms the cornerstone of the state’s economy, so we’re in great position to take advantage of these trends. The conditions and resources are in place for great success.

Let’s take full advantage of the situation. It’s time for each of us to engage our workforces and help them reach their full potential. We need to align with great partners – partners that care about success as much as we do. Finally, we need to put ourselves in position to harness the opportunities that change creates.

These changes in manufacturing are accelerating and transforming the face of the industry. The new national focus on manufacturing as an economic driver, combined with new technologies coming of age, are making historic progress possible. More people than ever before are engaging in rebuilding our industrial base. The best and the brightest are aligning and collaborating to bring new ideas and transformational approaches into play. It’s time to engage and be involved.

Manufacturing Matters! provides the way to do this quickly and effectively. I’m excited about this year’s gathering. We have the best thinking coming to Milwaukee from across the nation. Over 400 manufacturing leaders will be in attendance from across Wisconsin. It’s a chance to hear the ideas and engage these leaders in a way to immediately improve your operation.

Invest a day to join us. Break out of your usual routine, hear new ideas, and engage experts to improve your business. We pride ourselves on an event that allows every attendee to bring back two or three ideas that will improve their operation. There will be seven distinct tracks that will be packed full of ideas and information. Bring multiple people to cover all the sessions for even bigger impact. It will be a great day!

We’ll see you on February 26th in Milwaukee!