Recruitment tactics can be critical for a number of businesses, especially those in need of new applicants right away. However, some industries can struggle with reaching interested applicants and potential employees. For instance, recruitment for industrial, trucking and manufacturing companies can face numerous challenges in the competitive job market.This is why many companies hire recruiters or work with temp agencies and recruitment services. By having skilled recruiters find and reach out to qualified individuals, businesses can efficiently fill openings. Though, not all companies are able to use these resources and must rely on their own recruitment efforts to hire employees.Part of the whole recruitment process is how your company and brand are viewed, such as: “Is your company a great place to work?” This is one of the first aspects applicants look at, whether it’s through online resources, like Glassdoor, or through current and past employees. With this thought in mind, companies should consider their online presence and how they are represented in the community and in the industry.
Companies should also leverage employee referrals as it can be an easy and effective way to recruit new hires. In fact, according to CareerBuilder, 82% of employers rated employee referrals as the best source for generating ROI compared to all other sources; and 88% of employers rated employee referrals above all other sources for generated quality of new hires.1Another area that companies need to consider is how they can stand out compared to other companies to qualified individuals. Having a responsive, easy-to-navigate and attractive website is great for getting the attention of potential applicants. Not only will it rank higher on search engines, but it will also appeal to those looking up and trying to learn more about your company. And with the increase in mobile traffic, having a site that works efficiently on a mobile device is incredibly beneficial.Utilizing social media is also a great way to reach and recruit employees. Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have their own job sections for employers to post open positions and for applicants to find jobs. There are also sites like Indeed that are well known and trusted for matching jobs and applicants.Though, overall, no matter the industry, job type or where the job is posted, companies need tobe clear in exactly what they want from the applicant. Clearly stating what the position details, what the job requirements and qualifications are, and what the compensation contains (pay, benefits, PTO, etc.) is important.

Real Life Example: Recruiting for Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies often face challenges in trying to bring in new talent. That’s why creating a recruitment strategy is crucial. This can be from setting up booths at career fairs to having sponsored content that highlights the benefits of working at the company. Also, like with most strategies, companies should keep a consistent message and voice across each platform, including the company website, social media channels, advertisements, etc.

However, a new focus for manufacturers that are hiring is having a presence online. The job-hunting process has been changing, and with younger, more digitally-inclined generations looking for jobs, it’s important to be able to reach them.

Author: Kendra Cornell