buckleyWe are seeing tremendous activity this summer across multiple fronts. In addition to our consulting business, we are participating in multiple initiatives to strengthen Wisconsin manufacturing. These initiatives include new approaches to exporting, industrial clusters, additive manufacturing, and workforce development. We’re excited about the possibilities and realize that a busy summer means an even more frenetic fall!

We also know that you are busy as well making sure your operation runs smoothly and that all demands are covered. Sometimes, it can be tough to stay informed on key manufacturing trends and understand how these trends could affect your business. Just handling day-to-day activities can be exhausting.

Let us help! We can be a terrific source of information for you. The WMEP is in the middle of the information flows on the regional, state, and national levels. Our expertise allows us to understand the key issues and separate the important from the mundane. We then offer that information across multiple platforms in ways that you can get what you need quickly and effectively – including alerts on major opportunities for your business.

This month we want to call your attention to one of these opportunities. There will be significant changes coming to basic ISO certification requirements during 2015. The final standards have not been issued, but the proposed changes will impact everyone with ISO certification. Add to that a limited compliance window, and it will be important to understand how these changes will affect your operation.

The best companies will use these new elements as an opportunity to upgrade and integrate their ISO efforts. It’s an opportunity to review the entire compliance program and assess how:

  •       Effective and efficient the present system is;
  •       Competitive position can be improved with the new standards; and
  •       The organization understands and executes the system.

The goal of this review is to eliminate redundancy and remove unnecessary layers between multiple standards. Often, we see dozens of certification binders on clients’ shelves and find ways to substantially reduce the documentation, simplify compliance, and integrate the results into the ongoing business processes. ISO certification becomes an essential part of the organization’s value proposition.

You have the opportunity to use the standards changes to re energize your ISO efforts and engage your workforce. Collect some great ideas by reading the stories below. You will see more specifics about the changes, success stories from client companies, and thoughts about how the WMEP can help you.

We are fully committed to our mission of making the Wisconsin manufacturing environment the best in the world. Your success is a part of that mission. I hope these ideas help you reach your potential!

Buckley Brinkman, Executive Director & CEO, WMEP