In early 2016, Allen Inspection was audited by a client. At the time, its quality manual was a mere three pages and the company had little to no documentation for much of its operations. The results of the audit were a number of non-conformities that needed corrective action or Allen Inspection stood the chance of losing the work.

Working with Manufacturing-Works helped us solve a huge problem that appeared to be insurmountable for us. We had no idea how to go from a company with no quality manual or quality culture to one that would stand up to an audit. The ability of Manufacturing-Works to help us break it down into manageable pieces made this achievable for us. If it was not for the team at Manufacturing-Works we would either be out of business today, or still struggling with our documentation and dreading audits.  —Linda Allen, Co-owner

The owners of Allen Inspection, Linda and Scott Allen, contacted Manufacturing-Works, part of the MEP National NetworkTM, for help. The company needed to address non-conformities, create a better quality manual, and improve the overall business. At the time, Allen Inspection consisted of six employees with three major customers and it did not have the time, knowledge, or experience to correct the situation without outside assistance.

Manufacturing-Works started by addressing the non-conformities and helping Allen Inspection with the appropriate corrective actions. After the immediate needs were addressed, Manufacturing-Works rolled out a SharePoint tool for document retention called “The Q” and arranged for ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor and Leadership training for the company. Manufacturing-Works supported the Allen Inspection team as it developed a full and robust quality manual in order to become ISO 9001 compliant.

With its new quality management system (QMS) in place, Allen Inspection has been able to quote projects for clients that were previously out of reach. The use of “The Q” and documented procedures has driven internal efficiencies for Allen Inspection, which has improved and streamlined much of its day-to-day work.


  • 10 new jobs
  • Increased/retained $4.4 million in sales
  • Cost savings of $350,000
  • A culture of quality
  • QMS has allowed access to new clients

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