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Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: Real World Success Stories and Lessons Learned

“> By: Katie Rapp For manufacturers, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game changer. Greater efficiencies, lower costs, improved quality and reduced downtime are just some of the potential benefits. This technology is not only for large manufacturers. High-value, cost-effective AI […]

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What’s Ahead for Wisconsin Manufacturers in 2022?

By Kevin Kane, President of First Business Bank’s Southeast Wisconsin Market I’ve always believed it’s important to be a resource for clients and to support our business community with important information. The perfect example are two surveys of businesses and […]

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The Celebration Doesn’t End After Manufacturing Month

“> By: Anthony Diaz, Jane Lemons, Wendy Peebles, Pam Plagens, Eugene Uhm and Stephen Sullivan Manufacturing Month may be over, but many federal agencies celebrate and support U.S. manufacturing and manufacturers year-round! If you couldn’t join the interagency Manufacturing Month series of five-webinars hosted by the U.S. […]

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How Small Manufacturers Can Develop Risk Management Strategies for Supply Chains

“> The COVID-19 pandemic brought to light a stark reality about current supply chains. As Nissan Motor Co.’s Chief Operating Officer Ashwani Gupta points out, “The just-in-time model is designed for supply-chain efficiencies and economies of scale. The repercussions of […]

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Stay on the Nice List with Gift Ideas from American Manufacturers

“> By: Phillip Wadsworth Each year, the MEP National NetworkTM is fortunate to assist manufacturing companies across the nation that are operating at the cutting-edge of their industries and creating distinct, quality products. And, each year, we like to share some of […]

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It’s Not “The Great Resignation.” It’s Actually “The Great Recognition.”

“> By: Matt Fieldman Some are calling it, “The Great Resignation.” Others are calling it “The Great Reshuffle.” After spending the past year as Executive Director of America Works, I’ve talked with more than 250 manufacturing workforce development professionals throughout the MEP National […]

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What is Blockchain 2.0 and Why Food Manufacturers Should Care

By: Juliana Canale Believe it or not, the technology that brought you Bitcoin is beginning to make waves in the food manufacturing industry. This technology, called blockchain, is a digital ledger maintained across several computers, then linked through a peer-to-peer network. […]

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Two Industry 4.0 Technologies Primed for the Food Manufacturing Industry

November 5, 2021 By: Matthew Inniger This is an exciting time in the food manufacturing industry. The innovations and technology associated with Industry 4.0 are making it easier for small and medium-sized manufacturers to overcome obstacles in ways that at […]

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Preventative Measures: 4 Internal Factors Threatening Your Strategy

By Marie Mansheim, Senior Consultant—Growth & Strategy Practice Leader | 11/08/2022 | There’s good reason we’re encouraged to have a checkup with our doctors every year. Potentially unhealthy conditions can go undetected and an annual physical is a helpful way […]

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Meet Eric Decker, Business Development Leader

Eric Decker is at the front line of working to make small and mid-size manufacturers in Wisconsin more efficient and competitive in an increasingly challenging marketplace. Decker is a Business Development Leader for WMEP Manufacturing Solutions, a role in which […]

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