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Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers (SMMs) and Technology

Most small and medium sized manufacturers (SMMs) have difficulty staying abreast of technology because: Change continues to accelerate and take more unpredictable paths, making more frequent trend tracking essential; It’s difficult to find the right people to provide expertise as […]

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Where Does Innovation Come From?

How rapidly does Innovation change things? How and when should we adapt to it? A hint at answers to these questions can be found in the famous Boiled Frog anecdote. As the story goes (I haven’t actually tried it) if […]

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MOC & WMEP: Better Together

The MEP system is a terrific resource for small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) throughout the country, but particularly in Wisconsin. The system provides a nationwide network of expertise, with tremendous experience and connections. The two Wisconsin MEPs are particularly strong […]

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Gearing up

Gearing up is one of those expressions that most of us use non-literally. When we talk about “gearing up” few of us mean changing our cogwheel to one that has more teeth or cogs cut into it. Rather most of […]

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Lunch & Learn sessions to focus on Design for Six Sigma

Selecting a site for a new facility can pose a variety of challenges. Numerous factors come into play in the decision-making process. Choosing an appropriate site often is crucial for the long-term health of a business.   The Design for […]

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Finding Existing Solutions to Overcome Technology-based Problems

Is your company interested in developing a new product but lacks the technology needed to complete it? Do you have product or process problems that could be made easier with the right technology solution? Would you like to find out […]

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Tech Scouting and the Death Valley of Innovation

We hear about new technology and accelerating change all the time. Great advances are being made in both in the breadth and depth of our research advances. Leaner organizations, reduced resources, and an intense focus on immediate results makes it […]

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The Rate of Change

In 1985 I read the book Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut. While it was not one of Vonnegut’s most popular or critically acclaimed books one facet of it is noteworthy. The book features a handheld electronic device called Mandarax that understands […]

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Putting American Coins in a French Payphone

As an undergraduate at UW-Madison I had a somewhat rare double major, namely Scandinavian Studies and Business. To join the two I completed a specialization in International Business. As part of this program of study in 1989 I attended a […]

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Exports: Key to a Healthy Future

Exports play a key role in our expanding economy. The case for companies to export is ironclad. More growth in our state is coming from exports, and resources are available to make great things happen. The time to jump into […]

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