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3 Key Starter Marketing Strategies for Manufacturers Who Want Results

By: Laura Benjamin, President and Owner of Satellite Six Are you a manufacturer who prefers to rely on boots-on-the-ground, cold-calling, face-to-face sales to close your deals? While a strong sales team is a critical function of every business, if I’ve […]

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Business Analytics Are Driving Manufacturing Decision-Making

By Gene Wright, MSOE graduate program director At MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) we believe Manufacturing Matters! We embrace our Midwest industrial roots. I, like many other MSOE graduates, spent much of our careers in the manufacturing world. As an […]

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Technology is Transforming Manufacturing. Get Ready or Get Left Behind.

By: Jela Trask Trends including big data, automation, machine-learning and widespread use of sensors are converging to drive the evolution of manufacturing at an ever-increasing pace. Manufacturers must stay connected to innovation or risk getting left behind. As a state […]

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Driving Value in Manufacturing

Driving Value in Manufacturing By Corey Vanderpoel, Managing Director at Taureau Group, LLC February 6, 2019 The M&A market continues its strong trajectory in 2019 fueled by business growth objectives, available resources from raised private equity funds and growing corporate […]

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by Steve Clark and Amber Frantz, Wisconsin Bank & Trust – Platinum Sponsors of Manufacturing Matters! 2019 A Few Precautions Can Make the Difference Sony. Home Depot. Target.  These high-profile companies are well known as victims of data hacking throughout the […]

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Manufacturing Matters! 2019 adds focus on Sustainability

Manufacturers are increasing their focus on sustainability as they realize that there is a strong business case that comes with the commitment. A primary contributor, from a financial perspective, is from improved resource utilization, which boosts overall productivity and profitability. […]

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Improving Productivity Track at MM! to focus on increasing revenue per full-time employee

A pair of related trends are leading economists and manufacturers to look at productivity in a new light.   A troubling shortage of workers is making it difficult for manufacturers to fill open positions, while the nation’s Gross Domestic Product […]

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5 Ways to Promote a Lean Culture

The concept behind Lean is simple, but sustaining Lean practices long-term is hard. Lean is the process of removing waste from any process throughout the organization. This is an ambitious goal, and a proven way to achieve and maintain it […]

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Get Ready for Department of Defense Cybersecurity Requirements

Conducting a cybersecurity assessment must be a top priority for manufacturers that are part of the Department of Defense supply chain.

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Dealing with Devastating Cyber Attacks

By Wil Cox, Account Executive Manufacturers of all sizes are at risk of crippling ransomware attacks and the consequences can be devastating. These attacks involve the “virtual” theft of digital files. Hackers then demand a monetary ransom before the files […]

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