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Continuous Improvement begins with commitment to change

by Rich Rovito, WMEP Industry Reporter Continuous improvement must involve a fundamental change of a company’s overall business philosophy in order to be effective. Getting employees to buy into continuous improvement can lead to an array of benefits, but often […]

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The Skills Gap – it’s the fault of all of us!

By Rich Rovito, WMEP Industry Reporter Alan Petelinsek pulls no punches when it comes to placing blame for the skills gap that long has plagued the manufacturing sector. “It’s the fault of all of us,” said Petelinsek, president and chief […]

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How can your company win a MOTY Award? Find out at Manufacturing Matters! 2013

By Rich Rovito WMEP Industry Reporter It takes a well-run business bolstered by a strong financial performance and a commitment to cutting-edge technology, among other aspects, to make a mark in the annual Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year competition. I’ve […]

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Engineering and manufacturing are everything to me now!

by John Brebeck senior at Watertown High School John is a guest panelist at Manufacturing Matters! in the “Why Gen Ys Choose a Manufacturing Career” My name is John Brebeck, I am a senior at Watertown High School and I […]

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The Flawed Interview Process

By Tim Pappas Principal, Pappas DeLaney, LLC Pappas will be presenting “Winning at the Talent Games” at Manufacturing Matters! on February 13th in Milwaukee  The Harvard Business Review recently quoted former AlliedSignal’s CEO Larry Bossidy as saying that hiring is “the […]

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We’re ALL in Manufacturing

by Dave Vetta president & CEO, First Business Bank, keynote sponsor of the 2013 Manufacturing Matters! conference WE’RE ALL IN Given that approximately 30% of Wisconsin’s jobs are related to manufacturing, we all have a vested interest in – and […]

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Sustainability is approching a tipping point

by Randy Bertram Director of Sustainable Products and Process Development, WMEP Randy, Ken Wills, president of Quality Packaging, Inc., and AJ Gordon, president & CEO of Gordon Aluminum Industries are presenters at Manufacturing Matters! 2013 in a session entitled “Profitable Sustainability […]

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5 Ways to Promote a Lean Culture

By Steve Straub, Senior Manufacturing Specialist The concept behind Lean is simple, but sustaining Lean practices long-term is hard. Lean is the process of removing waste from any process throughout the organization. This is an ambitious goal, and a proven […]

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Manufacturing Innovators Lead the Way

Innovators Lead the Way Wisconsin manufacturers know that innovation is the key to growth.  The National Science Foundation has just released preliminary data from a major study that underscores the manufacturing sector’s leadership in innovation.  Survey results from an estimated […]

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Congratulations to WMEP ExporTech client

Lucigen Genomics Award Acceptance

Lucigen Genomics wins the 2017Wisconsin Governor’s Export Award

Winner of the 2017 Wisconsin Governor’s Export Award!



A primary role of a top-level manufacturing executive is to protect the value of their enterprise.

Businesses are typically valued with a multiplier of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, commonly known as EBITDA. The multiplier is driven by the industries in which a manufacturing firm operates, its current and past levels of profitability and how well it manages the risks that could affect the future profitability of the business.

But EBITDA and other factors, such as gross profit, are lagging indicators, making it important to look behind the numbers to get a crystal-clear view of the factors that can affect the value of a business.

The Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s proprietary PRA™ (Profit Risk Assessment) defines the factors that drive profitability and valuation for an organization while helping to identify and proactively manage the risks. It also helps a company’s leadership team come to consensus on areas of greatest opportunity and risk while identifying specific actions that can be taken to improve profitability and value.

Best of all, the low-cost, high-value evaluation is quick and easy to complete.

Several external factors can affect an organization’s profitability and value, including how it matches up with its competitors and whether the competitive environment is becoming more intense.

It’s also important to examine the overall health of the market in which the business competes and defining its key players.

Is a business too concentrated? Is there too high of a stake in a single area?

It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to have a single customer account for 30 percent or more of their overall sales. That points to risk, in a big way. Markets can dry up and customers can change directions or shift their loyalties, potentially leaving your business in peril.

Assessing the value of a company’s brand is also crucial, as is determining whether its products are positioned as a commodity.

Looking behind the numbers at internal factors also figures into the equation. Is the leadership team engaged and do employees understand the company’s vision? Productivity and efficiency of manufacturing operations plays a significant role.

We often get so engrossed in the day-to-day aspects of our businesses that we don’t connect all the dots. It sometimes takes an “aha” moment for our vision to become clear.

The WMEP’s PRA™- Profit Risk Assessment tool is highly objective and examines one dimension at a time. We will probe and prod to get the truth about the factors affecting a company’s profitability and value and reach a consensus on a follow-up plan of action.

It’s vitally important to take a look at what drives the crucial numbers for your business.

For more information on how you can benefit from WMEP’s PRA™, contact George Bureau at [email protected] or 920-450-7185.

Feel free to download and share our info-sheets on PRA™ PLUS and PRA™.

Get to know George Bureau, Director of Growth & Certification Services, North Region

“What drew me to the WMEP is its excellent reputation, the opportunity to work with great people and most importantly the vision and commitment to make a real difference in growing Wisconsin manufacturing through a range of consulting services,” – George Bureau