The MEP system is a terrific resource for small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) throughout the country, but particularly in Wisconsin. The system provides a nationwide network of expertise, with tremendous experience and connections. The two Wisconsin MEPs are particularly strong as they each bring complimentary capabilities to the manufacturing community. These capabilities provide an efficient way for manufacturers to stay connected with the best resources and up-to-date on the latest trends.

I was reminded of these strengths during the MEP’s national update meeting last week. Almost 200 professionals from most of the 60 MEP centers across the country attended the sessions. Each brought their connections and expertise to the gathering. Our system engages top experts from the private sector, education, and government throughout the economy and uses those connections to generate great impact for SMMs across the country.

This is especially true in Wisconsin, as our two MEP Centers – the WMEP and the UW-Stout Manufacturing Opportunity Center (MOC) – use their talents to help SMMs flourish across the state. The Centers bring great understanding of, and connections with, the manufacturing community – the result of more than 20 years of experience in the market. We also deliver terrific basic services, many consider the best in the state.

The strengths of both Centers complement each other. The MOC provides easy access to UW System resources and practical access to the latest technology. This combination puts SMMs at the leading edge of technology without the usual cost or risk involved with traditional approaches to innovation. The WMEP develops cutting edge programs that provide approaches that normally only larger companies can enjoy. In addition, we can connect our clients into our strong manufacturing resource network.

The combined capabilities of the two Centers make Wisconsin’s SMMs the true winners. Engaging the MEP system is an efficient way to stay in front of trends. We find the experts and share their viewpoints with you. We can also be an effective way to plug into the best manufacturing networks to help your business. Finally, engaging the MEP Centers is the best way to improve your operation. Our local experts, combined with the resources of a truly national network, bring the best perspectives and solutions to your door.

Modern manufacturing is a demanding vocation. It requires the best expertise and great connections to maximize your success. The MEP system – especially in Wisconsin – can make the difference between success and failure. Call us. We’re here to help!