by Tim Wiora, WMEP Executive Director/CEO
October 10th, 2019


Dear Colleagues,

Manufacturing Month is here. Throughout October, the focus is on the innovative and resilient manufacturers that are key drivers of our state’s economy.

There are more than 9,000 manufacturers in Wisconsin that employ nearly 470,000 people. The industrial sector is the top contributor to the state’s growing economy, producing more than $63 billion in total output in 2018, which accounts for nearly 19 percent of the state’s total Gross Domestic Product.

Manufacturing is being highlighted and celebrated at events and conferences throughout Wisconsin in October. Manufacturers across the state are opening their doors to visitors to showcase their plants and showcase the variety of rewarding careers in modern manufacturing.

The continued strength of the manufacturing sector has allowed Wisconsin’s unemployment rate to continue to hover at near historic lows while labor force participation rates remain extremely high.

However, manufacturers understand that they need to continually improve and adapt to a changing business and technological environment.  With that in mind the WMEP continues to develop and offer cutting edge solutions in the areas of Productivity Improvement, Automation, and Growth.  And of course, at the center of all these solutions are the dedicated and talented manufacturing workers.

Manufacturing Month helps promote manufacturing as a viable career option for students and those looking to make a career change, helping to fill a robust talent pipeline to meet Wisconsin manufacturers’ current and future needs.

Every day we work with innovative Wisconsin manufacturers that are getting out in front of these trends and growing their productivity while also increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. They are achieving extraordinary results through a commitment to continuous improvement in all phases of their business, and we are proud to assist them in advancing their organizations.

The way forward for Wisconsin manufacturers is not to sit on the sidelines, but rather to focus on their vision for the future and proactively take steps to make it happen, or rather “Focus & Go” which is not so coincidentally the theme for our upcoming 20/20 Manufacturing Matters! conference on February 26th and 27th (Stay tuned for more details).

Wisconsin manufacturers need to be flexible and responsive in this very dynamic manufacturing environment. Taking part in Manufacturing Month is a great place to start. Experience the excitement generated by Wisconsin manufacturers, from large, multinational operations to small mom-and-pop shops. For more information about all the outstanding and informative Manufacturing Month activities in Wisconsin, go click HERE.

Best regards,

Tim Wiora