The above two words form a complete sentence and aptly describe the state of manufacturing in Wisconsin and nationally.

Manufacturing does, in fact, matter.  Preaching to the choir, no other sector of business has the multiplier effect on the economy that manufacturing does. To say that as manufacturing goes so goes the state is not an exaggeration.

An increasingly global economy has caused some manufacturing operations to move to where labor is inexpensive and plentiful. But the global economy is increasingly working in favor of US manufacturing as well. As economies around the world evolve there is a growing global market for goods and services produced in this country. Advances in technology and an ever-shifting global environment continue to change the economics of production, and many companies with international operations are returning production capabilities to the United States, albeit in significantly changed ways.

To take advantage of these global opportunities companies are improving their production capabilities, developing export strategies, investing in technology and meeting international standards of quality and sustainability. Fortunately, the WMEP is ready to help in each of these areas.

Manufacturing Matters! also happens to be the name of the annual conference we will host at the Hyatt in Milwaukee on February 26th that shares ideas and best practices of thriving manufacturers. And if you are like me, you also enjoy getting a good price on items of great value. Right now we are offering manufacturers half off ($200) the cost of attending for the first 100 early birds that sign up. Go to to sign up today!

John Stampen, Director of Marketing, WMEP