Happy Manufacturing Month! I hope it’s been a good one for you and your organization. While the rest of the country struggles to find activities for a single Manufacturing Day, we have trouble containing the celebration to a month!

It’s a great time to be a manufacturer in Wisconsin and great fun to see the action from the WMEP perspective! We are seeing companies grow and improving their productivity, putting them in terrific competitive position for the future. Our ability to collaborate and align resources is making us all stronger. The WMEP ability to integrate solutions and resources puts Wisconsin manufacturers in position for a bright future.

We are proud to be creating manufacturing strength at the grassroots level. The WMEP has a long history of creating opportunities for organizations throughout the state. Many of the companies involved in Manufacturing Month activities accelerated their results by engaging our specialists in their operation.

The strength of many of our programs is our ability to help organizations collaborate and align to provide help to our clients. Our nationally recognized sustainability and exporting programs engage service providers and experts from across the state. Together, we help companies reach their potential in the most effective way possible – regardless of who provides the actual service. In addition, we provide direct support for major industry clusters in the food, water, energy, and aerospace markets. Our ability to engage national expertise through the MEP network enables us to provide the best possible assistance at prices that smaller organizations can afford.

The WMEP makes Wisconsin manufacturing stronger by integrating solutions and resources from coast to coast. We can help manufacturers sort through solutions in order to grow their companies, improve cost profiles and efficiency, comply with regulatory or certification requirements, and develop a winning culture. The WMEP also supports regional initiatives to improve the manufacturing environment. All of this delivers results – more than $2.8 billion for our clients.

We hope you find this update useful and will join us in making the Wisconsin manufacturing environment the best in the world!

Buckley Brinkman, Executive Director & CEO, WMEP

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