By John Stampen, Director of Marketing, WMEP

“If you can make anything simpler and better – then that’s a good thing.” – Jacob Stampen

The above quote is from my great grandfather, Jacob Stampen, who was a Norwegian immigrant and the Babson Brothers’ chief dairy products scientist and developer of the Surge Milking Machine. The quote describes Jacob’s philosophy on manufacturing as well as life. He lived at an exciting time for inventors as the industrial revolution was picking up speed and new technologies and resources were rapidly emerging. Jacob started and moved on from several ventures that are still in existence today before working the lion’s share of his career for the Babson Brothers in Chicago who, among many other things, were distributors for Edison’s phonographs.

Jacob’s philosophy on work and life was to take things where you find them and make them simpler and better. The above quote wouldn’t make the most compelling bumper sticker or coffee mug slogan, or Internet meme but it is the kind of philosophy that has staying power and has been a facet of every generation of my family that has followed Jacob.

I am very pleased, proud and humbled to be joining the WMEP. Pleased because the WMEP is a great place to work, a mission driven organization that believes in what it does. Proud because the WMEP is making a difference and the work it has done for manufacturers has resulted in thousands of jobs and billions of dollars being added to Wisconsin’s economy. Humbled because there is a lot of work left to do and the landscape is continually changing.

But the good news is that at the end of the day all we have to do to be successful is to make things simpler and better, and in the words of old Jake, “that’s a good thing.” I very much look forward to learning more about what you do and how the WMEP can best help you take your organization to the next level of success.