Gearing up is one of those expressions that most of us use non-literally.

When we talk about “gearing up” few of us mean changing our cogwheel to one that has more teeth or cogs cut into it. Rather most of use “gearing up” to describe getting ready for something or building additional capabilities that we plan to deploy soon.

At the WMEP I am fresh off completing two larger projects that required focused effort to complete. My natural instinct after getting through projects like that is take a breath or two and relax a little bit. The problem is of course that while I was focused on the larger projects, other important tasks got backed up on my “to-do” list.

So if you are like me, you might move from a consuming project immediately to a long “to-do” list filled with necessary but less urgent tasks. As I am working through these I usually start to think about the next big project that is coming my way, and in my head I start “gearing up” and thinking about what it will take to get that done.

June looks to be a good month for “gearing up” around the WMEP. Several of us are working on some exciting new projects (see Rich Rovito’s story on our Profitable Sustainability Portal), and plans for our next fiscal year are taking shape.

Summer can be a great time to start thinking about “Gearing Up” for your next big Initiative whether that involves growth, achieving efficiencies or certifications, or improving your workforce. Give us a call! We would love to talk to you about your plans and how the WMEP can help you gear up for them.