Exports play a key role in our expanding economy. The case for companies to export is ironclad. More growth in our state is coming from exports, and resources are available to make great things happen. The time to jump into the export game is now!

The world is waiting for us: 95 percent of the buying power and 80 percent of the world’s growth will be outside the United States. Exporting companies grow faster, become more innovative, and are worth more than companies that don’t. These companies are the leaders in their markets and their communities.

Exports are important to regional economies as well. The WMEP is one of the leaders in the Milwaukee region’s Global Cities Initiative. The Brookings Institution made possible a broad-based approach to exports and facilitated comprehensive research on the region’s global position. Among the findings was that the Milwaukee economy was flat during the past decade. Thank goodness for export growth! That growth offset a decline in domestic demand during the same period. Strong exports make for a healthy economy.

“Made in the USA” has tremendous value throughout the world as our country’s manufacturing resurgence takes hold. You already do 80 percent of what’s needed to export just as part of your regular business. We can help you with the other 20 percent. More resources are available than ever before to help fledgling exporters – especially in Wisconsin. The experts in this state “get it” and can help you realize exporting’s benefits in your company as well!