By Buckley Brinkman, Executive Director & CEO, WMEP

Many experts are predicting a big year for manufacturing in 2015 and we can help you be ready for the impending surge. The WMEP is one of the most connected and capable manufacturing organizations in the country. Our specialists, expertise, and events help build the Wisconsin manufacturing ecosystem. Part of that is helping you position your organization and connecting you with the best resources to reach your goals. If you want to engage these resources our 2015 Manufacturing Matters! conference is a great way to start.

Industry Week recently published six manufacturing predictions for the coming year including a surge in manufacturing. The article points out the strength in the national manufacturing index as one of the key indicators of this surge. Any index level over 50 indicates expansion and growth for manufacturing. The November index is 58.7 nationally and at a record 70.25 for Wisconsin. The manufacturing surge is coming. Are you ready?

The WMEP can help you reach you goals. No other organization is more connected at the national, state, and local levels than we are. As a non-political, public-private partnership, we have access to a wide variety of experts and resources from across the state – and beyond. The national MEP network allows us to connect with solutions that grow manufacturers across the country and to access the financial resources to implement those solutions.

At the state level, we connect with – and contribute to – the manufacturing initiatives making the Wisconsin manufacturing environment the best in the world. We leverage our position and the expertise of 34 professionals to create results and impact for individual manufacturers. Our team and our friends have created more than $3.1 billion of impact for Wisconsin companies. Engaging with the WMEP can help your organization.

Manufacturing Matters! is a terrific way to start that process. Over 450 manufacturing leaders will gather in Milwaukee for the 18th annual edition to hear experts from across the country. It’s a chance to engage with the WMEP and our friends. Elsewhere in this e-newsletter, you will find more information about Manufacturing Matters! and ways you can participate. We pride ourselves on the fact that our participants can come away with 2-3 ideas that they can use to immediately help their operations. Please make room on your calendar and join us in Milwaukee!

Happy New Year to you and yours! It’s going to be a terrific 2015 and we want you to be ready to take advantage of it!