Join Global Midwest Alliance at TMA headquarters in Park Ridge, IL on April 24 for its annual manufacturing industry program, sponsored by WMEP, AMT, TMA, The Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing and Cendrowski Corporate Advisors. The program includes a three-part discussion on innovation, growth and globalization in the advanced manufacturing sector. This year’s keynote speaker, Peter Eelman of AMT, will discuss the new opportunities and economic benefits that advanced manufacturing is providing in the Midwest and globally. Hear from our Innovation Panel, comprised of industry experts and insiders, who will host a discussion on recent advancements in technology that are increasing U.S. manufacturing competitiveness in the global marketplace. Finally, the Growth and Global Opportunities Panel, which will be comprised of leaders in the manufacturing industry, will review and discuss how advanced manufacturing provides growth opportunities, domestically and globally, and is leading the charge in the economic recovery. Manufacturers will have the opportunity to learn how advanced manufacturing can be used to change both the local and global landscape, as well as network with industry leaders, corporate executives and advanced manufacturers. Seats are limited. Please visit for more information or REGISTER by April 23, 2014.