Guest Blog by Jessica Gaines, Relationship Manager; WorkWise


We could go on and on about how Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a necessity for discrete manufacturers. Instead, here’s a list of 10 of the most beneficial features.

Centralized Business

No more silos. Enterprise resource planning software’s end goal is to bring your business together as one cohesive workforce. No totally unique departments with their own software or their own data. Centralized, no-siloed business. With a centralized business, communication between departments will become simpler and more effective, from accounting to manufacturing to sales to marketing and everywhere in between.

Enhanced Data and Analytics Tracking

As a manufacturer, getting data and having the tools to organize and analyze it is crucial. An enterprise resource planning solution creates a centralized approach to data, improving accessibility for both everyday users, as well as managers.


Improved Business Decision Making

On a large scale, ERP software can improve your business’s decision-making efforts. By having all of the data needed at your fingertips, you’ll be able to have more reliable and fact-driven decisions. In addition, you’ll be able to customize data and reports to ensure that a flexible software solution is working for your business, and not the other way around.

Measurable KPIs

Again, relying on spreadsheets is a thing of the past with Enterprise Resource Planning software. If you’ve ever had to rely on Excel spreadsheets for all of your data collection and analysis, you know it’s a challenge, especially when it comes to measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With an ERP solution, you’ll have access to reporting tools designed to measure things such as job performance, financial performance, sales successes and challenges, quotations, services cases, and so much more.

Fewer Errors in Accounting

When an enterprise resource planning software solution is perfectly fitted to meet your business’s unique needs, and your employees are all trained and on board, errors are far less commonplace, specifically when it comes to financials. Whether you have an in-house or outside accounting department, they’ll be happy to come across fewer errors and spending less time fixing and changing mistakes. In addition, they’ll have peace of mind knowing that the data they’re handling is accurate and in real-time.

Improved Customer Service

If customer service is a top priority for your business (which let’s face it, it should be), you’ll want to consider automation products like ERP and CRM software. You’ll have detailed access to a customer’s history that can’t be achieved with things such as Excel spreadsheets. And if you choose WorkWise and OnContact, you’ll have a powerful Contact Center solution dedicated to helping your sales reps and customer service reps respond to complaints, address concerns, and build powerful relationships.

Better Sales and Marketing

Did you know? WorkWise ERP comes fully integrated with our customer relationship management (CRM) solution, OnContact, a powerful sales and marketing automation solution for your business. From a total and complete visibility into your sales pipeline to resources designed to grow client and prospect relationships, an email designer, and much more, you’ll have all of the resources you need to grow your business and improve customer satisfaction. Oh, and you’ll still reap the rewards as they relate to manufacturing as well.

As you can see, ERP and manufacturing are a perfect match. To learn more, contact our dedicated sales team today!