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Sometimes It’s Not Easy Being a Small Manufacturer

February 23, 2021 By: Mark Schmit The COVID-19 pandemic has presented big challenges for small manufacturers. That was the message of three leaders from manufacturing companies located in two Southwestern states. Fortunately, the MEP National NetworkTM, in WMEP Manufacturing Solutions, is here […]

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U.S. Manufacturing to the MEP National Network: Don’t Let Up!

February 17, 2021 By: Mark Schmit The COVID-19 pandemic has asked much of manufacturing executives. They’ve had to make decisions about staffing and operations in the face of tremendous health and economic uncertainty — and then adjust or even change decisions […]

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After a March (and More) of Madness, What’s Next for Manufacturers?

February 10, 2021 By: Mark Schmit The six manufacturing executives participating in a Sept. 25, 2020, virtual conversation spent much of the time discussing what comes after the pandemic has subsided. This session of the “National Conversation with Manufacturers” was the […]

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Women in Manufacturing

In today’s manufacturing world, women play a much larger role than they have in the past. Whether you are creative, analytical or process-oriented, there is a place in manufacturing for you. From leadership in the front office to machine operators […]

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Mergers and Acquisitions in the COVID-19 Era

Manufacturing companies have faced unparalleled challenges over the past year, directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Declines in production, forced shutdowns, staggered production schedules and reduced employment levels affected the momentum the industry was regaining since 2010.  Yet, deals are […]

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Pandemic Makes Plain Need for Manufacturing Workforce

February 4, 2021 By: Mark Schmit In the Sept. 18, 2020, session of the “National Conversation with Manufacturers,” our three West Coast manufacturing leaders on the panel kept coming back to their critical need for skilled workers. The conversation was one […]

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How Daycare and Industrial Entrepreneurship Relate to Manufacturing’s Recovery

Two subjects that came up that I wasn’t expecting (but probably should have been) in a conversation with manufacturing executives were daycare and entrepreneurship.

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Getting a Grip on What’s Next for Robotics in Manufacturing

Manufacturing robotics is to some extent following a similar path of advances to those in machining and fixed automation systems. Though the ROI is most easily measured in efficiency and cost savings, manufacturers are looking for robotic technology to help them resolve a pain point in their operation or to create new opportunities. It might be to link processes more efficiently or eliminate the need to outsource a specific function or two.

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Sometimes You Just Have To Go Fishing Says Manufacturing Executives

Sometimes you just have to go fishing. Seriously. That’s one of the messages manufacturing executives from West Coast and Mountain states passed along during a conversation about their experiences handling the near-term jolt of the COVID-19 pandemic and their expectations of the future.

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Rethinking Business Risk After the Great Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us more aware of the items we purchase on a regular basis and how they get to store shelves and to our doors. Anyone else still waiting two to three weeks longer for orders of sanitizing wipes and paper towels? Now, if we as consumers have experienced these longer wait times and find ourselves (still) refreshing the delivery notifications on our latest online purchases, imagine what’s going on behind the scenes!

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