Water Stewardship for Industry, Agriculture and Commercial Businesses

Water stress poses one of the greatest risks to the economy. The World Economic Forum ranks water crises, and several other water-related risk factors, among the global risks of highest concern for doing business. All business sectors – industry, agriculture and commercial – face water-related risks which can include operational and supplier disruptions, increased costs, threats to their social license to operate and brand damage. In North America, water users face these risks due to droughts, water rights uncertainty, impaired water quality and reputational challenges. Since water-related risks are material to direct operations and supply chains, your bottom-line may be impacted.

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AWS International Water Stewardship Standard 

WMEP Manufacturing Solutions helps businesses mitigate water-related risks while simultaneously creating value from water-related opportunities and assets by using the Alliance for Water Stewardship International Water Stewardship Standard (AWS) as a strategic framework to help sites interested in water stewardship improve their operations both within and outside their property.

The AWS Standard is an international, ISEAL compliant, standard that defines a set of water stewardship criteria and indicators for how water should be managed at a site and within the watershed in a way that is environmentally, socially and economically beneficial.

The Standard provides facility and property managers with a continual improvement framework that enables sites to commit to, understand, plan, implement, evaluate and communicate water stewardship actions.

The Business Case

Viewing water as an asset that creates value.

In addition to posing severe risk to ecosystems and communities, water crises also weaken business viability and economic well-being.

  • Under current trends, almost half of the world’s population is set to suffer severe water stress by 2030 with global demand for water expected to exceed supply by up to 40%.
  • According to CDP’s 2016 Water Report, disclosing companies reported that water-related impacts cost businesses US$14 billion.
  • In 2017, companies committed over US$23 billion across more than 1,000 projects to tackle water risks in 91 countries around the world.

How we can help on your journey to water stewardship

Implement The Standard

The AWS Standard can be implemented by any site, in any sector, in any watershed around the world.

WMEP can be your resource and partner in this journey by providing a comprehensive strategic framework and put into place a stewardship plan of action that mitigates those risks while creating value from water-based assets.

Advisory Services

Many water users have partnered with WMEP in applying the AWS Standard and its water stewardship principles to their direct operations and supply chains.

Before companies take specific actions at the site level, there are strategic policies and goals that need to be developed to help set an internal direction for the entire enterprise toward water stewardship excellence.

We provide companies with advisory services that include an assessment, policy and strategy development and corporate alignment for AWS Standard implementation.

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Program Director, Program Director – Sustainability Services Integration and Water Stewardship

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