WMEP’s Automation Services help manufacturers understand where to invest in automation for the maximum business impact.
The potential benefits of implementing automation can help manufacturers:

  • Become more competitive
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase quality performance
  • Increase Profits & Growth
  • Increase the value of your company
  • Reduce labor issues
    • Finding Labor
    • Lacking the Right Skills
      • Soft skills
      • Technical skills
    • Managing Labor

WMEP’s Automation Assessment

Assessing internal processes for automation fit can be a daunting task.
The WMEP Automation Assessment provides a path for manufacturers to evaluate potential automation projects facility wide.
The assessment helps manufacturers:

  • Understand and Manage Potential Automation Project Risk
  • Align Projects with Business Strategy
  • Understand ROI for Projects

WMEP Automation Consultants will visit your facility for the assessment to evaluate the current manufacturing state.
The existing applications/processes will be evaluated for potential future state automation.

All levels of automation are considered for future state, from operator-assist manumation stations to lights-out automated lines.
The assessment will include potential ROI rankings based on your manufacturing environment, personalized to your business case.


  • Manufacturers receive risk rankings for their potential automation projects based on real world observation.
  • ROI analysis and feedback is also included.

The WMEP Automation Assessment is included as a deliverable for both our AutomationTech and Automation Advisor services.


AutomationTech™ demystifies manufacturing automation options by educating, assessing and developing an action plan that is right for your company. It is attended by manufacturers across the automation spectrum, both the manufacturer just starting down the automation path and the automated manufacturer who is resource limited to determine project priority.

Program Description: Series of Four ½ Day workshops; Onsite Visits; Program will complete within a 3-month period


  • Onsite Automation Assessment – 1 on 1
  • Road Map to develop Automation Action Plan
    • Project Risk Rankings
    • Support Resource Identification
  • Business Strategy Evaluation
  • ROI Calculator Package

AutomationTech cohorts will leave the program with a unique Automation Action Plan as a roadmap for investment in automation that supports their business strategy.

Automation Advisor

The WMEP Automation Advisor service synchronizes with manufacturers by assessing, developing an action plan, and initiating automation projects. Manufacturers who have some experience with automation, whether that’s a positive or negative experience, can benefit from the service.

Program Description:

A WMEP Automation Consultant will evaluate the manufacturing process onsite and perform an Automation Assessment.
An Automation Action Plan is then co-developed with the manufacturer based on their business strategy that aligns with internal initiatives.

After a direction is decided, the WMEP Automation Consultant assists the manufacturer to define the project scope and initiate RFQs. Responses to the RFQs are vetted and the consultant will assist in developing a training plan for project support.


  • Onsite Automation Assessment – 1 on 1
  • Automation Project Risk Ranking
  • Automation ROI Rankings
  • Automation Action Plan Development
  • Recommend Third Party Integrators
  • Mutually Write RFQ/Statement of Work
  • Evaluate Third Party Proposals
  • Provide Example Automation Project PM
  • Training Plan for Equipment Support
    • Operator Training Plan
    • Maintenance Training Plan

WMEP can assist you with your goals to automate and streamline production:

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Advanced Robotics Video Case Study: Machine Tending Applications for Cobots

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