Stand out among competition in the talent war in manufacturing

Manufacturers across the nation are facing an industry-wide workforce shortage. Between the aging workforce and fewer graduates seeking trade careers, the gap is growing rapidly.


To stay relevant, manufacturers need to create an appealing culture for the next generation. The modern workforce demands more than benefits like health insurance and 401k options; they seek purpose in their work. This generation is more productive when they feel their contribution to growth is connected to the vision of the company (Harvard Business Review, 2015).

Manufacturing needs to tell a better story

The manufacturing industry has not been marketed as an attractive career development path for the next generation of workers. Strategy House & WMEP helps manufacturers capture their brand story and promote company culture. We help you share your story with target candidates and ensure your top talent are connected with your vision for growth.


Every company’s culture is unique.
Let us help you define and promote yours to attract your ideal candidates.


Technology has changed the way people search for jobs. A candidate’s first step in opportunity research is to Google your company and review your website. By the time they get to the interview process, they’ve already formed an opinion of your brand from your website, blog posts, or social media page (or lack thereof). Your online content must be relevant to the caliber of candidate you want to attract.

Our talent attraction content strategy helps established manufacturing companies update their digital presence to attract their ideal candidates.

Clearly communicate company goals to attract qualified talent Manufacturers today are competing for talent; to stand out you need to modernize your talent attraction approach. Start by acknowledging the shift in priorities and employment process of the next workforce generation. Millennials and iGens seek purpose in their work. Strategy House’s Talent Attraction Project helps employers update their digital brand and clearly express culture to attract qualified candidates.

Talent Attraction Content Deliverables

  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Culture Code Deck Development
  • Customized Employer Profile
  • Updated Career Content
  • Job Description Rewrite
  • Employee Spotlight Story

When we initially connected with a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in Central Wisconsin, it was because their engineering department mentioned that they “needed a new website.” However, as we dove into the project, it became apparent that the real problem was this: They were positioned to grow, but were unable to meet those goals without the labor to increase capacity and the brand to elevate them within their market.

Our discovery conversations with the CEO and HR team revealed that they had 18 positions to fill within the year. The business had been operating for over 60 years, so we set out to capture their culture and history to position them as an employer of choice within their community.

We developed an integrated marketing strategy to capture and document the company culture. We began by updating their branding, including a logo refresh and more modern color palette. We streamlined the applicant experience on their career page, and incorporated culture-focused content. In addition, we started to showcase their commitment to their community through social media. Now we’re redesigning their website to reflect a more modern look & feel and user experience for candidates.  

As a result of this nine month collaboration, they are now down to four positions to fill and will have a website that reflects their brand today.

Download a printable information sheet on Attracting Talent to Manufacturing.

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