Manufacturing is critically important to the state of Wisconsin: in fact, its economic impact is second to none. From an economic development perspective, primary manufacturing operations have higher multipliers and higher wages than other industries.

WMEP’s services for Wisconsin manufacturers help retain and expand their businesses here in Wisconsin. In fact the WMEP working together with Wisconsin manufacturers have created over $3 billion in economic impact and helped save or create over 16,000 jobs.

WMEP can help EDOs support manufacturers in several ways:

  • WMEP can provide direct one-on-one consulting services to manufacturers within your jurisdiction.
  • WMEP can provide group-training sessions to groups of manufacturers in your jurisdiction on topics related to growth, talent, cost and efficiency, and on certification compliance and trends. We are happy to share the drivers and trends we see among our clients, and successful approaches that have helped manufacturers achieve their goals.
  • WMEP regularly convenes manufacturer advisory council on certain industries (e.g., food processing) or topics (e.g., food safety).

If you are interested in connecting manufacturers in your region with our proven consulting services, or need an expert to provide insight into a problem or issue being faced by one of the manufacturers in your region, please contact Tim Wiora, [email protected], or 608-729-4005.

Did You Know?

WMEP is a long-time sponsor and supporter of WEDA, and partners with WEDC on numerous programs and initiatives.

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