WMEP Manufacturing Solutions is seen as an unbiased, authoritative manufacturing resource for Wisconsin. Twenty years of statewide engagement and our ability to move throughout the state and engage diverse organizations puts us at the hub of almost every major manufacturing discussion in the state. The WMEP pursues no other agenda than helping manufacturers reach their potential. Our connections, neutrality, and capabilities position the WMEP as a preferred source of information, trends, and best practices.

Outreach is the way we keep Wisconsin manufacturers connected and up-to-date. The WMEP uses three tools to make that happen:

  • Manufacturing conferences bring together thought and manufacturing leaders to connect and share best practices. The Manufacturing Matters! conference attracts more than 450 manufacturing leaders every year. The WMEP also sponsors and/or participates in several other conferences throughout the state which we view as hubs to share the best technology with state manufacturers. NASA scientists from the Glenn Research Center were in state at both of Wisconsin’s NIST/MEP conferences to share available technologies with the attendees. The experience went so well that we are planning to expand and include representatives from the NIST Labs and other national labs around the country. The platform will also share the best results from the NNMI. The technology additions to our outreach provide another way to engage a broader base of friends, such as scientists, policy makers, and entrepreneurs.
  • Lunch and Learns and other seminars connect SMEs with the best thinking, new ideas, and each other. Our ability to consistently hold high-quality events and restrict access to manufacturers creates leveraged opportunities for senior executives to get the best information and expand their networks, positioning the WMEP as driving force for Wisconsin manufacturing.
  • Electronic media connects the WMEP with SMEs when we can’t be there in person. Monthly e-newsletters communicate ideas and events to more than 4,000 manufacturers every month. Blogs elaborate on the best manufacturing thinking currently available. Finally, our presence on social media makes it possible to share ideas and stay connected with leaders in the manufacturing space.

These comprehensive engagement efforts strengthen Wisconsin’s manufacturing ecosystem and position the WMEP at the nexus of manufacturing leaders and ideas.

The WMEP is in a unique position to engage in strategic discussions with manufacturing leaders. Our experience in Wisconsin manufacturing helps us connect resources and ideas with opportunities in a way that no one else can. We have extensive connections with state and national leaders that provide deep insights into key manufacturing issues and trends. These relationships include resources in the: NIST/MEP system; Departments of Commerce, Energy, and Defense; WEDC; Wisconsin’s colleges and universities; NNMIs; National Association of Corporate Directors; and the Manufacturing Institute. These associations allow the WMEP to keep Wisconsin manufacturers in front of relevant trends and position us to understand how the manufacturing landscape is changing and developing.

Deep understanding allows the WMEP to connect manufacturers with technology, products, and markets in ways that improve their businesses and help them make the most of their situations. Our tools put best practices in place. Tech Scouting/TDMI, Profitable Sustainability, ExporTech, the Discovery Center, and our market penetration tools all help clients grow their businesses and penetrate new markets.