• Is it time to work smarter, not harder; on your global sales to generate more revenue for your company with less risk?
  • Are you an accidental/reactive exporter without a solid written plan; even though you’ve exported for years?
  • Are you missing revenues, wasting time, chasing unproductive export markets, creating unnecessary expenses; getting poor results from sales channel partners? 
  • Are you globally diversified enough to weather a US economy downturn?

Strategic Exporters With Export Expansion Plans Grow Their Whole Business 2-1/2 times faster.

WMEP’s Accidental Exporting Gap Assessment identifies the factors that drive revenue. 

Through this guided assessment, WMEP assists your company in identifying sales and revenue opportunities. Our facilitated discussion with your leadership team scorecards where you are against best practices of strategic exporters. The ability to have globally diversified markets allows you to quickly pivot in times of domestic down turns, and greatly increases your valuation multiple. This evaluation is validated with your team; and you receive a summary with session findings, complete with actionable recommendations.

Benefits of Automotive certification:

  • Focuses attention on the activities that can generate revenue fast in your organization
  • Low cost, high value evaluation
  • Identify specific actions you can take to improve your revenue 
  • Quick and easy to complete

Accidental Exporting Gap Assessment is a service designed to find new ways for manufacturers to increase revenue. Accidental Exporting Gap Assessment is now being offered to qualified Wisconsin Manufacturers at $1,500.

Gary R. Steinhart, President/CEO, Drive Source International, Inc.

“This Gap Assessment was very insightful! My entire team is now excited to expand our international reach, acquire new exporting skills, and grow our business.”

Gary R. Steinhart, President/CEO, Drive Source International, Inc.





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