The WMEP optimizes stakeholder value for Wisconsin Manufacturers by expanding their capabilities to grow, be innovative, and achieve operational success.



We’re here for the makers, for the creators, for the craftsmen. For the visionaries. For those who work late nights and early mornings. For those who sweat every detail to make sure that what they make is perfect every time.

We’re here to help businesses become more competitive. More efficient. More powerful. We’re here to help companies grow, creating more jobs and providing a stable base for their communities.

We’re here to share our knowledge.

We’ve been inside hundreds of companies. We’ve developed solutions for thousands of problems. We’ve helped align processes, find and develop talent, improve efficiency, reduce waste and increase profits.

We transfer that knowledge in a way that only someone with our experience and perspective can. We’re here to help companies create their future, to understand market needs and help them find the most effective and efficient way to concept, design, engineer and manufacture the products that serve those needs.

We’re here for the long haul. Our relationships do not end when the project does. Because we live here, too. We’re your neighbors and we might just see you at the fish fry on Friday night.

We’re here to make Wisconsin manufacturing companies get better everyday. We’re here to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Because we know it’s not enough to have ideas.

You have to act.

We’re here to help you find just one thing: Success.


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