2014 Economic Impact


Every year, WMEP customers are surveyed by an independent firm to assess the economic impact of WMEP’s services.  During FY 2014, WMEP’s services triggered a $196 million economic impact and helped to create and save 656 manufacturing jobs, according to results documented by clients.

Results reported by 106 manufacturers during FY 2012 include:

  • $374 million in increased and retained sales
  • $10 million in cost savings
  • $213 million in investment impact, including new plant and equipment
  • 735 jobs created or retained

Return on Investment

WMEP delivers an exceptional return on investment for Wisconsin manufacturers and taxpayers.  Public funds invested in WMEP:

  • Improve the competitiveness of Wisconsin manufacturers
  • Fuel economic growth
  • Generate higher state tax revenues and leverage federal dollars
  • Protect and grow high-wage manufacturing jobs

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