2018 Economic Impact

Every year, WMEP customers are surveyed by an independent firm to assess the economic impact of WMEP’s services.  During FY 2018, WMEP’s services generated $346 million in economic impact and helped to create and save 977 manufacturing jobs, according to results documented by clients.

Results of WMEP services reported by manufacturers during FY 2018 include:

  • $374 million in increased and retained sales
  • 977 manufacturing jobs created or retained

Return on Investment

WMEP delivers an exceptional return on investment for Wisconsin manufacturers and taxpayers.
Public funds invested in WMEP:

  • Improve the competitiveness of Wisconsin manufacturers
  • Fuel economic growth
  • Generate higher state tax revenues and leverage federal dollars
  • Protect and grow high-wage manufacturing jobs
  • Delivered a 15:1 ROI for every dollar of state funds invested

Since 1996 the WMEP has assisted more than 4,000 SMMs resulting in:

  • More than $4 billion in proven, direct economic impact
  • More than 19,000 manufacturing jobs created or retained


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