WMEP is a private, nonprofit organization committed to the growth and success of Wisconsin manufacturers.  WMEP provides targeted consulting services to small and medium manufacturers within its service territory in Wisconsin. The WMEP also partners with many public and private organizations to serve and promote the interests of Wisconsin manufacturers.

WMEP is an affiliate of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s national Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a national network of 59 centers that provide assistance to small and midsize manufacturers.

We are governed by an elected Board of Directors, which in turn directs our leadership and staff. Together, we measure the impact of our work.

WMEP seeks to optimize stakeholder value by expanding manufacturers capabilities to grow, be innovative and achieve operational success


Since 1996, the WMEP  has assisted more than 4,000 small and medium-sized manufacturers, resulting in:

  • More than $3.3 billion in proven, direct economic impact
  • More than 16,800 jobs created or retained
  • In 2015 alone, over $494 million in impact was reported by the small and medium-sized manufacturers the WMEP served
  • WMEP services helped create or retain 806 manufacturing jobs in 2015
  • Delivered a 15:1 ROI for ever dollar of state funds invested.



WMEP welcomes questions from the media on the issues and topics listed below, as well as questions about manufacturing in Wisconsin and trends and news in manufacturing.
  • To request a quote or brief comment, contact Rich Rovito, Industry Reporter at 608.216.6156 or 414.273.1442 or [email protected].
  • To request a detailed interview or expert opinion, contact John Stampen, Director of Marketing, at 608.729.4012 or [email protected].
  • Our organizational logo and other program logos are available for download here. For questions about downloading any of WMEP’s materials, graphics or use of the WMEP logo, please contact John Stampen, Director of Marketing, at 608.729.4012 or [email protected].
  • Any other organizational questions can be directed to Tim Wiora, Executive Director/CEO at 877.856.8588 or [email protected].



WMEP speakers and staff have expertise addressing the following issues and topics:

  • Lean Manufacturing: Value Stream Mapping (VPM), Quick Changeover, Kaizen, Cell Flow Optimization, Total Production Maintenance (TPM), HVLV Consulting Services
  • Exporting, Global Expansion, ExporTech™
  • Certification: Quality, Environmental, Medical / Pharma, Automotive, Food, Energy, Safety, Social Accountability
  • Strategy and Marketing Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Supply Chain
  • Legislation affecting repair stations and air carriers
  • Workforce Engagement: Leadership Development, Enterprise Solutions



WMEP frequently addresses business issues impacting manufacturers within news releases and blog entries.



WMEP offers seminars, conferences, workshops and training events throughout the year. For a current schedule of events, click here. For questions about registration or sponsorship, contact Tammy Schwarzbauer, Client Relations Coordinator at 920.915-2582 or [email protected].



WMEP also co-hosts and sponsors events with economic development organizations, private and public companies and other community groups. Our logo is available for download here. For questions about downloading any of WMEP’s materials, graphics or use of the WMEP logo, please contact John Stampen, Director of Marketing, at 608.729.4012 or [email protected].



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