The WMEP 5S System is a series of activities designed to improve workplace organization and standardization. 

A minimal commitment of resources can provide an immediate return on investment.
So even if you’re convinced that you’re too busy, there’s a solution that’s simpler than you think.

5S stands for:

  • Sort: Clean out the work area, keeping what is necessary in the work area, relocating or discarding what is not.
  • Set in Order: Arrange needed items so they are easy to find, use and return, to streamline production and eliminate time searching for them.
  • Shine: Religiously clean and care for equipment and areas, and inspect everything while doing so.
  • Standardize: Make all work areas similar so procedures are obvious and instinctual, and defects stand out.
  • Sustain: Make these “rules” natural and instinctual through training, communication and total employee involvement. Once they are habits, the total benefit of 5S will be achieved.

The improvement payback of 5S

WMEP has worked with many companies to help them apply 5S and has witnessed dramatic results. We’ve seen companies:

  • Increase on-time shipping to 99%
  • Reduce overtime by 45%
  • Reduce inventory turns by 67%
  • Reduce inventory by 25%

The direct effect is a bottom-line impact of reducing overtime or
increasing customer satisfaction through improved on-time shipping.

Download a printable information sheet on 5S.

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