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WMEP PSI logo Profitable Sustainability Inititative (PSI) Services- Reduce environmental impact and increase profits

WMEP's Profitable Sustainability Initiative (PSI) Services can help you identify the most important business impacts and highest ROI that can be achieved through reaching higher profitable sustainability performance in your company.

The Profitable Sustainability Initiative (PSI) methodology utilizes a powerful and unique process that identifies, assesses and implements profitable sustainability solutions that are custom-designed to fit your company’s unique needs and objectives. The PSI method, proved in delivery to nearly 100 Wisconsin SMMs, is highly effective, with rapid speed-to-benefit. By using PSI, your company will realize both immediate and recurring profitable sustainability outcomes with demonstrable ROI.

PSI-FactoryStructured across three distinct phases, PSI utilizes a collaborative team approach. The three phases include:

1. A PSI Diagnostic to establish baseline performance and prioritize opportunities for profitable sustainability improvement, including:

  • Operating processes and materials processing
  • Energy use and environmental impact
  • Supply chain logistics and transportation
  • Packaging

2. PSI Assessment to evaluate the data and findings from the PSI Diagnostic, including:

  • Deep analysis of equipment, processes and practices
  • Detailed metrics collection and calculation of carbon footprint
  • PSI business goals and objectives defined
  • Priority PSI project identification
  • Projected ROI for identified projects
  • Initial development of an action plan

3. A PSI Implementation Plan uses findings from the assessment phase to drive actual business execution of the action plan with assistance from the WMEP specialists and partners.

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