Which of the four largest cities in North America is nearest to Wisconsin?

If you can sell your product or service as far away as Kansas City, Omaha, Pittsburgh, or Nashville, then it’s likely you can sell in Toronto. In terms of the largest cities in North America, Toronto is fourth behind Mexico City, New York and Los Angeles.[1]

Not only is Toronto a great market for Wisconsin companies, selling to Canada is exporting! That puts you in a new class of companies. For U.S.-based global companies, selling into Canada is usually their first foray into the international market. What you learn in exporting to Canada makes exporting to the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China, and anywhere else on the planet that much easier. Expanding internationally matters because more than 84 percent of global spending power is outside the United States, and that share is growing.

In addition, data shows that exporters perform much better than their non-exporting peers. Look at the very positive and surprising impact on a business from exporting at: http://mke7.com/~/media/Documents/Export Strategy Executive Summary.ashx

We also know that as you replace your baby boomers with millennials, being international is far more important in attracting younger workers. See the discussion at:


And finally, why would you want to pass up your nearest largest market? Go sell in Toronto! Need a little free direction? Then contact Bill Burnett at [email protected] or (414) 287-4118.


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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_North_American_cities_by_population